This product works very well and good sounds on my iPhone. If you have ios devices, this product will be a good choice. Also, the delivery service of this product was very fast and the condition of the product was perfect. I highly recommend this.


This Dongle Dac is the best value for money product I have ever purchased in Audio. I’ve been in the music industry for 48 years. Power and clarity is hard to find and the Sonata HD II has both.

Frank Miller

Great product! Very good packaging, it was not mistreated at all. It took 3 weeks to reach my hands. The soundstage is broadened a bit, the treble becomes more present, and the bass wow! There is a very significant difference. To enter the world of audiophilia is an excellent DAC / AMP. Great and highly recommended seller and product.

Erik Juarez


Fast delivery and well packaged. Works perfect on Windows 7 with drivers from the website and plug and play with Windows 10. Works perfect on my Poco F2 Pro. Has easily enough power to most earphones out there and sounds very clean with great details. Hardware volume control is very linear and has 32 steps so the steps do not get too loud too fast. Easy recommendation and performs basically the same as the Sonata BHD and is a nice upgrade over the popular Sonata HD Pro.


the seller is polite, accurate, works quickly, the track was monitored constantly and in detail, the Russian post kept it through its application constantly, it came in 12 days, packed in a cardboard box, the whole whole, the amplifier adapter itself is also in a tin case, just gorgeous for him! I listened to the sound through it sooo loud with PHILIPS SHS5200 ears, not very cool, solid ones with small mugs, not plugs or earbuds, the sound opens differently, there were nuances that I had not heard before. In general, I don’t regret 1.5k money for it, I bought TEMPOTEC V1 for their player. the pair turned out to be of good quality, I recommend buying, these are my first such acquisitions and I am very pleased with this company. Special thanks to the seller for his faithfully fulfilled obligations, he sells a very good product! You can and should deal with him!


This is a surprisingly good DAC/amp for the price. I have the Meizu HiFi DAC Pro and the TempoTec HD Pro is better. The Meizu allows a lot of static and noise from my phone to pass to the earphones. It's also rather bright-sounding. The TempoTec gives a cleaner, more balanced sound, and resolution is at least as good. I also have the E1DA 9038S. That is way more powerful, but I don't need all that power, and I even prefer the sound from the TempoTec. Again, the TempoTec sounds more balanced on my gear, and the resolution is probably better. The E1DA is really for mobile use of planar headphones. Hardware volume buttons are a huge plus. I may never need another headphone amplifier.

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