TempoTec Serenade X just in

TempoTec Serenade X just in


Serenade X:Desktop player & DAC & AMP

MQA 16X full decoding

DSD256 | LDAC | ASIO | Airplay | PCM32bit/768kHZ | HIFI Player

USB DAC | SPDIF IN DAC | Bluetooth receiver | TIDAL | Qobuz | Hiby link


Full balanced design


Supports native DSD256

PCM 32Bit/768kHz


THD+N: -112dB


4.4mm balanced output interface

Iine out, headphone out adaptively detected

Line out 4VRMS

Headphone out 285MW/32Ω



FPGA digital management circuit

The digital management circuit adopts dual customized low phase noise active crustal oscillator + FPGA PLL mode,which provides stable digital

signal input and accurate clock source.



Multiple input audio source

input audio source includes USB DAC,

optical input,Coaxial input,USB Disk,

Bluetooth receiver and WIFI(Airplay&TIDAL &Qobuz)


Unlimited wireless music

Serenade X supports LDAC,UA T,AAC,APTX. Bring you unlimited wireless HIFI experience


3.2’ touch screen + Hardware buttons control mode


Mobile remote control

HIBY LINK gets full control of Serenade x on

HIFI Player mode.Mirror the whole Playlist to your phone,provide an easy way to control playing


Digital volume control

The digital volume control method reduces

the L-R imbalance problem usually caused by

potentiometer, can better match with back-end device


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