Tempotec V1-A player review

  • Tempotec V1-A player review (video)

    MP3 Players,TempoTec Variations V1-A,PCM&DSD 256 Support Bluetooth LDAC AAC APTX IN&OUT USB DAC For PC with ASIO AK4377ECB

    Variations V1-A. HiFi PLAYER. Smooth cohesion between aluminum alloy shell and 2.5D tempered glass front panel. Accurate Dimension: 80mm|L , 45mm|w , 12mm|H , 80g|Weight


    Dimension: 80*45*12 mm

    Weight: 80g

    Power Supply: DC5V 2A/Type-C USB port

    Charging time: 2.5 hours around (power off)

    Last time : 15 hours

    Battery capacity: 1200Ma

    Storage:Double TF card slot MAX storage capacity : 256GB*2

    USB: Type-C (USB2.0)

    Analog out: 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    Battery Capacity 1200mah ,High Precesion Criystal Oscillator.

    Low noise PLL technology Deduce Jitter ,Exclusive USB driver.HI-res Audio Certificate ,MSEB Mixer ,Direct Stream Digital.

    LDAC, AAC, AKM4377ECB, Hiby OS, ASIO, HiByLink, Colorful theme.Exquisite Components, Exclusive MCU, Just for excellent sound quality

    Sony Hi-Res Certificate, Highly Reproduce the original music, Hi-Res, AUDIO.Digital Mixer----MSEB, make you an excellent tuner.

    Bluetooth base station, Dual Direction, Be neither a Bluetooth transmitter, Or a Bluetooth decoder, With hi-resolution.

    Bluetooth 4.0, Dual Direction AAC、atp-X 、LDAC

    Time of Duration, Playing by Bluetooth 25 hours, Playing music directly or as a Bluetooth receiver 15 hours.

    Excellent Control Experience, 2.0 inches multipoint process capacitor screen, Full Perspective IPS screen, Smooth control. 768KHz/32bit, Advanced Audio, Headphone DAC, AK4377.AKM4377ECB, Well-Performing, Built-in DAC.

    SNR125DB, Output power 60MW/160hm (Each Channel).

    it can not connect it to your smartphone as a USB DAC.

    Packing Included:

    1* V1-A

    1* USB cable(USB-A to type-c)

    1* User manual

    The difference between V1 and V1-A:

    * Method 1:

    V1 is a digital audio source. You need to connect it to an external DAC. Otherwise, you can’t hear any sound out of it. Because It doesn’t have DAC chip in. But V1A has DAC chip in, you can listen to music by plugging the headphones into 3.5 jack.


    * Method 2:

    The package of V1 and V1-A are same one. We only distinguish it by EAN code on the back of the package. But buyers can’t tell the difference. So we put label on the back.


    * Method 3:

    When you receive the product, you can view the icon by opening it. This is V1. When you plug headphones to 3.5 mm jack, it is always coax. This is V1-A. When you plug headphones to 3.5 mm jack, it will be a headphone mark.