TempoTec Serenade X : Quick Start Instruction

TempoTec Audio


In order to make the Serenade X Series bring you a better experience, this quick user guide will introduce the functions and usage of the Serenade X to you, hoping to let you know more about the Serenade X Series and use it more smoothly.

Product Description

The TempoTec Serenade X-Series is a full-featured and all-in-one designed desktop audio device with high sound quality and high fidelity. The audio part adopts a full balanced decoding design to ensure high-quality audio output. Due to the integration of USB storage, wireless and wired digital technology, the sound source acquisition ability of Serenade X Series is more abundant.

Serenade X Series has multiple functions. 

1st. As desktop player,

2nd. USB DAC,

3rd. SPDIF input decoding, 

4th. Bluetooth input decoding, 

5th. Stream media input decoding,

6th. AirPlay&DLNA input decoding.


At the same time, Serenade X Series also has advanced functions such as digital filter selection and sound field adjustment.

Serenade X Series can support various advanced audio formats such as MQA, DSD and DXD! It also supports WAV, ALACFLACAPE and WMA. All music are decoded in native mode by serenade without any SRC(sampling rate conversion ).

Serenade X Series Parameters

Serenade X Series parameters-1



4.4 LO

Output Level

















Serenade X Series parameters-2


(Serenade X)

(Serenade X-S)




Output Level















Output Power



Output impedance






Serenade X Series Control panel


 touch screen
 Previous track

 Next track

 Volume up

 Volume down

 Power on/off

Long Press"⑥" : power  on/ power off

Short press"⑥": screen on/ screen off

Serenade X Series Ports and interfaces

 12V DC power supply

 4.4LO&PO output



 Coaxial Input

 Optical Input

 USB Disk Input

 TYPEC USB Input For computer

 Bluetooth&WIFI antenna

 4.4mm high power output port for headphones(Serenade X-S)

Serenade X Series Functions quick overviews after booting

When screen is on, the previous filter you have set is displayed first.

Several seconds later, the working mode such as current volume level, Bluetooth state, WIFI state are showed up on the top-left corner.


Controls on the touch screen

Basic control of touch screen:

>Slider from Left to Right: Quit current function or return to the upper level menu.

>Slider from Right to Left: Secondary menu.


Menu instructions on screen:

  1. Scroll-down menu.

Four quick switch buttons: WIFI, Bluetooth, HibyLink, High/low gain switch. And a slider to control screen brightness.

Quit current menu by scrolling up.

  1. Scroll-up menu.

12 sub-menus are under this menu.



Basic instructions about 12 sub-menus:


1. Music

Click the Music icon to enter secondary menu of music.

Note: Please plug USB Disk which store songs into USB-A port.

The icons from left to right on the top are as following:

.APP icon: click it to return to the main menu.

.music icon : enter into or quite from song folders.     

.Heart-shaped icon :  categories including Favorites, Recents, Playlists and Recently added.

. Search icon :  search songs from USB disk plugged into USB-A port

.Waveform icon:  enter the current playing track, slide from left to right then return to the playlists.


2. USB DAC Input

Serenade X is on USB DAC mode, connect Serenade X with Computer by the Typec USB to USB-A cable in the kit.

NOTE: plug the Typec USB jack into port ”” on Serenade X.

Please download USB 2.0 Audio Driver for Windows7 &8 on TempoTec official website: www.tempotec.net

Windows10 &11 can detect Serenade X and install USB audio driver automatically.

Click “<” on the top left, then quite from USB DAC mode.


3. SPDIF Input

Click and choose “Coaxial input” or “Optical Input”.

<” on the top left is “return the previous menu”.


 4. Bluetooth Input

Please use Bluetooth transmitters such as mobile phone, HIFI music player to search a Bluetooth device named “serenade”,then control to pair and pad with it on the mobile phone or HIFI music player.

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.



 Log in TIDAL account here. In order to use this function
properly, please make sure WIFI is turned on and
connected to internet .
“<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.

 6. Qobuz

Log in Qobuz account here. In order to use this function

properly, please make sure WIFI is turned on and

connected to internet .

“<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


 7. AirPlay

When using AirPlay,please make sure your iPhone, iPad or MACBook is using the same WIFI account with serenade. Then choose serenade as output device. Warm tip: As Airplay needs high network bandwidth to keep playing music continuously and smoothly, please make sure the WIFI bandwidth is not occupied by other applications and devices too much.  

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


 8. MSEB

It contains 10 different advanced enhanced audio algorithms.  Get your favorite audio features by adjusting them. 

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


 9. Import music via WIFI

Turn “WIFI” on of serenade, enter into the page and get the IP address as “http://.......”. Please use this IP address on your computer, then follow the instructions on the page of your computer to “create folder” or “upload files” from your computer.

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


 10. Wireless settings

Set “WIFI” or “Bluetooth” functions.

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


 11. Playing settings

Set Items related to playback.

7 Digital filters of serenade are switched under this menu.

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.


12. System settings

Some basic settings such as stream media, language, firmware update, Theme color, restore factory settings, etc.

<” on the top left is “return to the previous menu”.



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TempoTec V6 DAP is sale on Indiegogo

TempoTec Audio

Indiegogo special offer: USD279

TempoTec V6 DSD512 Android HIFI Music Player

If you are looking for a music player that supports a wide range of music formats, has practical functions, and has better operation and music experience than smartphones, then the V6 should be on your shopping list.


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TempoTec Soanta HD PRO (Android version/black) is back

Jessica Wang

Sonata HD PRO has returned. It has been sold on our official website.
This is one of the most popular dongles.

Mini portable DAC & AMP
Hardware Volume Buttons


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Why we design TempoTec V6 ?

Jessica Wang

V6 is the first Android-based HIFI player in the Variations series of TempoTec, and it is probably our only Android HIFI portable player.

Why we design V6

Here are simple explanations in 4 parts.

  1. Processor and screen

For V6, we use Snapdragon 425 and 720P touch screen. Why we choose Snapdragon 425? Because of the low cost, we can invest more cost in the analog circuit on the basis of the reasonable selling price. Snapdragon 425 is enough to listen to music! Actually, there is no audio app that it can't run smoothly. Let me state that V6 is not suitable for playing games! The 720P screen is also for low cost.

  1. Digital clock circuit

The V6 digital clock part is used a high-precision active crystal oscillator and FPGA, oscillator provides a stable clock source, and FPGA is used to remove phase noise. After so many years of audio product design experience, we have found that phase noise has a greater impact on sound quality than accuracy.

  1. DAC chip

The V6 adopts two AK4493SEQ for digital-to-analog conversion. TempoTec always like to use AKM chips. Since the first desktop DAC ‘Fantasia’ in 2005, AKM 4396 has been used, because we like AKM’s transparency in high frequency.

  1. Analog circuit

The analog circuit of V6 is a more elaborate designed part, and it is also the first time we have done a more complicated analog circuit. That because we are facing a different listening system this time. In the past, the desktop decoder was mainly used for the speaker system. The low frequency of the speaker system was basically solved by the size of the woofer. However, when the headphone system is inherently limited, it is necessary to further optimize the sound in the analog circuit. Fortunately, through the careful adjustment of the four versions of the analog circuit, we have retained AKM DAC’s original transparency and spirituality in the mid-frequency and high-frequency, considering AKM’s chip lack of low-frequency (bass), we also designed the circuit to achieve the cohesion and dive depth of the low frequency.


TempoTec V6 is available on Indiegogo, the IGG price $279 ( 30% off $399)!!!



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TempoTec Serenade X just in


Serenade X:Desktop player & DAC & AMP

MQA 16X full decoding

DSD256 | LDAC | ASIO | Airplay | PCM32bit/768kHZ | HIFI Player

USB DAC | SPDIF IN DAC | Bluetooth receiver | TIDAL | Qobuz | Hiby link


Full balanced design


Supports native DSD256

PCM 32Bit/768kHz


THD+N: -112dB


4.4mm balanced output interface

Iine out, headphone out adaptively detected

Line out 4VRMS

Headphone out 285MW/32Ω



FPGA digital management circuit

The digital management circuit adopts dual customized low phase noise active crustal oscillator + FPGA PLL mode,which provides stable digital

signal input and accurate clock source.



Multiple input audio source

input audio source includes USB DAC,

optical input,Coaxial input,USB Disk,

Bluetooth receiver and WIFI(Airplay&TIDAL &Qobuz)


Unlimited wireless music

Serenade X supports LDAC,UA T,AAC,APTX. Bring you unlimited wireless HIFI experience


3.2’ touch screen + Hardware buttons control mode


Mobile remote control

HIBY LINK gets full control of Serenade x on

HIFI Player mode.Mirror the whole Playlist to your phone,provide an easy way to control playing


Digital volume control

The digital volume control method reduces

the L-R imbalance problem usually caused by

potentiometer, can better match with back-end device


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The Kickstarter campaign for TempoTec V6 has ended.


In September 2022, it was our first kickstarter campaign, a 30-day campaign that is now over.

Unexpectedly, we achieved 100% of the crowdfunding goal within 3 minutes of the beginning of this crowdfunding. Thanks again to all our backers.

If there are still people out there who want V6, don't lose heart, we have another crowdfunding campaign up on indiegogo, don't miss this opportunity.

Go to indiegogo and get it!




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New product: Tempotec Sonata HD III

TempoTec Sonata HD III Type C To 3.5MM Dongle DSD256 Headphone Amplifier ES9218 USB DAC For Android&iPhone&PC&MAC

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Sonata HD V (silver) has been released. Happy New Year!


Sonata HD V (color silver) has been released.

There have Android version and iOS version.

Happy New Year!

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About TempoTec


TempoTec Corp. is established by a group of audiophiles. We've been pursuing the better sound quality, and the more convenient user experience.


Our multinational team is integrated the experts from China, Taiwan, Korea & Germany, such as "Music has no boundaries". All these best experts have more than 20 years of audio system development experience. From product plan, technical research, product application to user interface, we try hard to present the finest, the most friendly products, to share our fantastic experience with all audiophiles.


As new technology leads, we believe there will be more music played, transmitted, streamed from PC , mobile phones, and more portable devices. Accuracy is the uniqueness in the digital world, needs accumulating technologies.


However, the final format of music is always analog. So besides of the advanced digital audio processing technology, we also listen to the feedback of users and discover the potential needs, create new product with user-oriented, and share fine listening experience with music lovers. We expectation ourselves the reduction of true sound. Technology and humanity, is the soul and goal of TempoTec



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The new product Sonata HD V will be released soon, so stay tuned!


2*ES9219, dual DAC design, stronger thrust.

145mW/16Ω, 95mW/32Ω.

DSD256(Native), PCM 32bit/384kHz.

MQA official certification.

Hiby APP hardware certification.

Exclusive USB audio driver with ASIO output.

Windows full system support ANDROID IOS OSX WIN

 (Win7, Win8, Win10)


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