TempoTec Sonata HD CS42L42  Type C to 3.5mm USB C dongle DAC

TempoTec Sonata HD CS42L42 Type C to 3.5mm USB C dongle DAC

TempoTec Audio
TempoTec Sonata HD – this is a small DAC adapter for smartphone or computer, that will significantly improve sound quality.
It easily outperforms any built-in sound cards and smartphones. TempoTec Sonata HD uses the CS42L42 Dac chip, so we do not expect anything unusual, but given its size and price, this device deserves attention.


The device comes in a box of black cardboard.

Inside is a metal case, that shows the name of the device and manufacturer. The case is made well, leaves a pleasant feeling.

The kit includes only a Hi-Res certification sticker and a Type C to standard USB adapter which is used to connect to computer.


The device looks pretty simple, made of metal, and is about 10cm long. Probably, the main advantage of this device is just minimalism and simplicity.


On the manufacturer's website you can find 3 firmware versions for the device – A, C and D. We tested it on version D, this promises to give the highest level of quality. If we compare the sound of the DAС with most standard smartphones, we can note a smooth sound throughout the frequency spectrum with some expressiveness at low frequencies. Obviously, sound predominates in volume and scene compared to standard codecs, these differences are also clearly visible on most standard built-in sound cards.

The device has no noise, just as we did not reveal any noticeable negative aspects in the sound, everything is tuned up quite well for this segment. Despite the fact that the sound is clearly superior to most built-in cards, it still remains completely clamped.

We can be noted a rather tight bass, it does not have a deep study. However, the overall density of low frequencies is quite acceptable. The scene allows you to immediately notice the difference with any smartphone in the middle segment, although there is a small depth, it allows you to feel some airiness in the atmosphere, which attracts attention and allows you to analytically delve into the overall sound supply of the device for some time.


TempoTec Sonata HD – nice inexpensive device that will give a noticeable increase in sound quality. Given its size, quality and price, we can safely recommend the device specifically for mobile devices paired with a mid-range headphone. It is worth noting that this is the lowest device in the TempoTec line, perhaps acquaintance with the device will allow you to upgrade to something higher, because TempoTec really has something to offer in the higher segment.


  • S/N Ratio: 114dB.
  • Dynamic Range:114dB.
  • Output Power: 2*60 mW /32 Ohms.
  • Resolution 16/24bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192KHz.
  • Working Current: 50 mA.
  • Digital Port:Micro USB TYPE-C.
  • Accessories: Type C to USB A adapter.
  • Analog Port: 3.5mm headphone Jack, Headset mic supported.
  • Support OS: Windows / MacOSX /Android.
  • Use the CS42L42 Dac chip

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