Soanta HD PRO firmare update instruction

Note: This firmware V3.0 is to fix the incompatibility of Android phones. If your phone can work normally, you do not need to update this firmware.


Firmware update instruction of Sonata HD PRO:

1.Please plug sonata hd pro into the usb port of your computer. please don't forget to plug your headphones into sonata hd pro first.

2、Please download and unzip it, then run de xxx.exe file.

the firmware is at the bottom of this web page.

3.please do as following steps:

 a、if this message box pops up, please click Yes.


b、 then fill in these two strings, and click ”Write EEPROM”.

c、if the message box below shows up, please replug Sonata HD PRO and wait for 5 seconds, then click “Yes” to continue.

d、please wait for the update completed

Then there is a message box as following picture shows, if update is successful.


If the following message box is a popped up when you update firmware, Please fill “262A” into the first blank and ”920E” into the second blank. Please check the last picture. Then start to update firmware as the third part above shows.

Download firmware link:

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