• Shipping time. It takes 5-25 business days to arrives in most of the countries/areas.
  • Please note that these are estimated delivery times only, This website is not guaranteeing delivery dates.


We deliver every parcel & item everyday. We strive to provide every customer with caring services of the highest level.


- Most of the parcel is delivered through the local mailing system after arriving in the destination country.


We need 1-5 business days processing time and then your order will be shipped (Monday-Friday).In very few cases, we can't within 24 hours, but we promise to ship it within 1-5 business days. The carrier is Yunexpress,4PX or other shipping way. 


It's our goal to make sure your order is processed quickly and efficiently.

Please allow 5-25 days for your shipment to arrive at your address. However, due to our inability to control transportation, the arrival time will be different according to the actual situation. Please check the tracking number to confirm how long it will take for the delivery.


A shipping confirmation is emailed to you as soon as your purchase has been shipped, which will allow you to track the status of your shipment.


6. When will you ship the item?
We'll ship the item ASAP and upload the tracking number within 7 working days, but the time of delivery depends on local delivery speed and customs clearance, which we cannot fully control. Usually, it takes 5-25 working days for you to receive the parcel.


7. Can you declare the parcel as a gift?
No, sorry the courier service does not accept this kind of declarations.


8. VAT or import tax included?
Due to the customs policy of different countries, we CANNOT control the taxes. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax for your country. We will try our best to declare a comparatively lower value for the product. If you have further question about the declared value, please feel free to send us an email at zhouyl@tempotec.com.cn , thank you.


9. Additional notice about shipping?
This is the client's responsibility to help for a successful order delivery. There are several situations that the parcel will be returned to the shipping company's country of origin warehouse:

- We will contact the client ASAP once we receive any notification from our shipping company that your parcel is stuck in the customs due to any custom clearance reasons. If the client does not provide any necessary information that is required by the customs(such as tax payment) in a timely manner. The parcel will be returned to the shipping company's country of origin warehouse (Usually, it's in Singapore or Hong Kong). If the client wants to re-ship the parcel, you may need to pay an additional fee(according to the bill from our shipping company). If you decided not to get the parcel at your own discretion, you may need to carry the burden for return shipping cost(according to the bill from our shipping company). We will refund retail price(not included extra shipping cost if paid when you placed your order) after the deduction of the return shipping cost.

- We will contact the client ASAP once we receive any notification from our shipping company that either delivery address or phone number is incorrect. However, if the client does not reply to our inquiry promptly, it will lead to the failure of the parcel delivery. The client may need to carry the burden of additional cost for re-delivery.

- After customer received the product, if it is not related to product quality problem and the customer wants to return the product, the customer needs to cover the return shipping cost.